WinForms Widget View: Dashboard Style Cards (What's New in 13.2)

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28 November 2013

The new Widget View is part of the DevExpress Document Manager and was designed to give you a rich set of UI options so you can deliver experiences that are easy-to-use, easy-to-understand and ready for next generation touch enabled Windows Pro devices. Each card is a document and contains its own unique content. You can resize these widgets, re-arrange them on screen or maximize them via a double-click or double-tap.

The following is a screenshot from one our new demos - a collection of "cards" that display stock price information.

WinForms Dashboard Card Widget View

When a card is maximized, it displays detailed information on the selected stock. As you'd expect, you are in total control as to what's displayed in a card.

WinForms Dashboard Card View Maximized

The following example is a dashboard-style layout of individual widgets. Again, you have total control over the number of widgets used, their positioning and the controls used within each widget.

WinForms Dashboard Widget View

And of course, the Widget View fully supports the DevExpress App Theme Engine...Here is how it looks with the Metropolis Dark Theme applied.

WinForms Dashboard Card Widget View MetropolisTheme

Animations, animations and more animations...

If you are a Universal or DXperience Subscriber you already have access to beta 2 of this release and you can explore our shipping demos to see how we've integrated animations into this product. For those who own a WinForms Subscription, we are real close to the release and we can't wait to share it with you...the Widget View includes built-in animations when repositioning individual widgets, when minimizing/maximizing a widget and when changing form size.

I look forward to your feedback - thanks for reading. 

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