What's New in 13.2.8 for the WinForms Widget View

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16 March 2014

In 13.2, we introduced a Widget View - a highly customizable UI option for our WinForms customers. Since then and because of the great feedback we've received from our loyal users, the product has evolved and in 13.2.8, it includes a new table layout view and a wobble animation to simplify runtime customization for your end-users.

First and perhaps most important, if you've not seen the WinForms Widget View in action, you may want to start our WinForms demos and click the Desktop UI Manager tile to launch the appropriate application. The Widget View demos are listed within the NavBar. They are called: Sales Performance Widget View, Dashboard Widget View and Stock Price Widget View.

If you've downloaded our latest build, take a moment to run the Sales Performance Widget View demo. In it, you'll discover that with the new table layout enabled, the View is automatically divided into rows and columns with absolute/relative lengths. These rows and columns generate a table allowing you to insert individual Widget Documents within its cells. The Widget Documents themselves can be stretched across neighboring columns or rows as necessary. Customizing the Widget View with the new table layout is a breeze...Dragging the Document activates a wobble animation, highlighting the items that can be swapped with the one being dragged. Additionally, both columns and rows can auto-resize when the parent form resizes. This eliminates any gaps at the View's edge for screen resolution independent user experiences.

WinForms Widget View Control - Wobble Animation

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