What’s New in 13.2.8 for the DevExpress WinForms Grid Control

Thinking Out Loud
18 March 2014

If you and your team are considering ways in which to touch-enable your apps on the WinForms platform, we have lot's of interesting news we'll start sharing next month as we get nearer to our 14.1 release.

In the meantime, v13.2.8 includes an enhancement to our WinForms Grid Control to simplify the implementation of swipe gestures against individual grid rows. To best explain this feature, please review the following video.

I also wanted to share some screenshots of a "Modern UI" app we built using our touch-enabled WinForms Controls and one that Azret demonstrated at Code Palousa last month - we'll publish the project shortly so you can see how we built the app and determine if this UX makes sense for your business.

Modern UI Dashboard (showcasing our WinForms Range and Chart Control)

Windows 8 Inspired Dashboard on the WinForms Platform

Modern UI List View (showcasing our WinForms Grid, Chart and Range Control)

Windows 8 Inspired Appliction on the WinForms Platform

Modern UI Dialog (showcasing our WinForms Data Editors Library)

Windows 8 Insipird Dialog Box for the WinForms Platform

As always, please let us know what you think...we always appreciate the feedback.

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Alexander Krakhotko (Xafari team)
Alexander Krakhotko (Xafari team)

in the new version of XAF functionality will support the Touch input?

19 March 2014

That's why not renew our signature 3 years with the DX. The focus is for the DX Winforms. With so much going on with Windows 8, I do not understand why there are so few components pro Windows 8. : (

25 March 2014

I feel completely opposite of boodah. "So much going on with Windows 8" = a lot of Microsoft marketing. There are many developers out there that have a huge investment in Winforms and want and expect for DevExpress to continue to innovate on that platform. Just because Microsoft wants to lead us along down a different path every few years doesn't mean DevExpress has to. Look at Silverlight and Win RT? Winforms is still here, and the most mature platform available, and will continue to evolve. DevExpress has a reputation for supporting legacy platforms (see VCL) and making very mature decisions. Feel free to try your money on one of the other vendors and see how you like their support. I know I did and I'm back with DevExpress now.

11 April 2014
Mark Couvaras
Mark Couvaras

Awesome stuff again guys. I really appreciate your continued support of Winforms. I believe your continued support in Winforms is down to the fact that it works and most small ,medium business can develop applications rapidly as opposed to messing around with new tech which is great but with not enough resources it is tom time consuming.

Windows 8 lol?

15 April 2014

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