DevExpress Universal Wins 2014 JOLT Award as Best Programming Library

Thinking Out Loud
26 April 2014

In the last six months, we've been honored with numerous industry awards and just last week, we were informed that DevExpress Universal was chosen as Best Programming Library of 2014.

2014 Jolt Award for Best Programming Library

"Given the completeness and maturity of the many components in this year's packages, the Libraries category was tough going for the judges. However, one vendor's component suite made a stunning impact with its leaps in forward-thinking and polished presentation. DevExpress has been in the running for the top slot in the Jolt Libraries award for some time, but this year they have captured lightning in a bottle and were deemed the winner by a large margin." Mike Riley of Dr. Dobb's Magazine.

As always, we want to extend our deepest thanks to our loyal users - you always keep our "feet-to-the-fire" and we are eternally grateful for the loyalty you've shown DevExpress over the last 15+ years.

Next week, we'll share more of our plans as they relate to v14.1 and hopefully demonstrate to everyone that our commitment to you and your enterprise is as strong as ever. Whether you are targeting the .NET Framework or next-gen platforms such as HTML 5, we are working hard to make certain you can deliver user experiences that address and solve real-world problems.

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