WinForms Token Edit Control (Coming soon in v14.1)

29 April 2014

One of the new controls we'll be shipping in v14.1 is our Token Editor for WinForms. If you've used Microsoft Outlook or other Email Clients, you will be familiar with its usage and hopefully you'll find specific uses for it within your current or future projects. As you can see below, we are using the Token Editor to replicate the functionality associated with Outlook's Email To/Cc/Bcc fields.

WinForms Token Editor

WinForms Token Editor - Email Client App

If you look closely at this screen shot, you should notice another DevExpress WinForms Control we have in the works for v14.1. (I'll be talking about that later this week.)

The best way to explain the Token Edit is to see it in action, so here is a short video that runs through its feature-set.

With that...let me know what you think about the Token Editor or feel free to share ideas on how you might use it within your next project. 

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Nate Laff

Love it! Will implement in my XAF app instead of a nested link/unlink list view of employees.

29 April, 2014
Saif Khan

Sweet! We need some of this controls on XAF.

29 April, 2014
Christopher Todd


30 April, 2014
reda hashem 2

so nice

30 April, 2014
Jens Havelberg

Perfectly!!! We need this in our XAF project too!

30 April, 2014
Chris Copen

This is so badly needed for WPF. The control that displays the TokenBox's details as well.

30 April, 2014
Saif Khan

What would be cool is something similar for tags.

30 April, 2014
Nick Whitehurst

Looks great.

Might not be the intended use, but if it can mix text and tokens, it could be great for a formula editor for a current project. May not be right for functions, not sure, but would definitely be great for bringing up a list fields from a database to be used in the calculation, for example when a "[" is typed:

=sum ([field1], [field2],[field3])

1 May, 2014
Cengiz Bacak


1 May, 2014
Jan Thordsen

@Saif Khan

Looks like this is usable for tagging... Or am I wrong?

1 May, 2014
Alex M (DevExpress)

@Cengiz: It's on the VCL team's radar. You can track our progress at .

2 May, 2014
Sigurd Decroos

More than welcome!

2 May, 2014
Igor Peric


2 May, 2014
Carsten Kruhs


5 May, 2014
Nikita (DevExpress Support)

@Saif Khan

@Jan Thordsen

We are going to implement a special mode for this editor that is intended for tagging. This mode will be available with one of our minor updates of version 14.1.

6 May, 2014
Jan Thordsen

Has anybody figured out what the other new control, mentioned in the blog, might be?

8 May, 2014
Edhy Rijo

@Jan Thordsen

Yes it is the kind of tooltip or popup showing up when selecting a token.  

Very nice and useful.


20 May, 2014
Coach G

This looks great. Will a WPF version be released in 14.1? Thanks.

22 May, 2014
Tomas M.

Another extensions I like to see would be:

Bindable datasource,

Image, Background color and name bindable property for token

Additional modes for searching in list (not only start with), even instant search

Support for customizing popup form. (e.g. like employes search flyout in

Anyway it is great controll.

27 May, 2014
Phil Seeman


Can you elaborate on this:

>> We are going to implement a special mode for this editor that is intended for tagging. This mode will be available with one of our minor updates of version 14.1. <<

What's the weakness of using the current TokenEdit implementation for tags, and what will be improved in the update?

3 June, 2014
Mark Sill 1

Alex, So needed in VCL as well.  I've been looking for a control like this for years.  I have an email client in my application that could sure use this one!

9 June, 2014
Andreas Fasching

Nate, did you have any success with implementing that in XAF already?

2 March, 2015
Dean Parker 1

Keep in mind DevExpress products are SLOW at loading and the companies response, it's not our product, or compile it in x86.  Other products on the market are faster and give the same result.

I spent 16 hours converting our application to DevExpress and it is SLOW to load and to use.

14 September, 2015

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