WinForms Token Edit Control (Coming soon in v14.1)

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29 April 2014

One of the new controls we'll be shipping in v14.1 is our Token Editor for WinForms. If you've used Microsoft Outlook or other Email Clients, you will be familiar with its usage and hopefully you'll find specific uses for it within your current or future projects. As you can see below, we are using the Token Editor to replicate the functionality associated with Outlook's Email To/Cc/Bcc fields.

WinForms Token Editor

WinForms Token Editor - Email Client App

If you look closely at this screen shot, you should notice another DevExpress WinForms Control we have in the works for v14.1. (I'll be talking about that later this week.)

The best way to explain the Token Edit is to see it in action, so here is a short video that runs through its feature-set.

With that...let me know what you think about the Token Editor or feel free to share ideas on how you might use it within your next project. 

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