WPF OneNote Inspired Radial Menu (Now available in v14.2)

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10 November 2014

With our upcoming release, we'll add a new OneNote inspired WPF control to our product portfolio. If you've used OneNote in the past or the DevExpress WinForms Radial Menu we released some time ago, you'll be familiar with the features and capabilities of this new WPF control. If you're considering using a Radial Menu in your next project but are undecided, you may want to review the following article to better understand its implementation within Microsoft OneNote.

WPF OneNote Inspired Radial Menu

Like our PopupMenu, the DevExpress WPF Radial Menu can be set using the BarManager.DXContextMenu property:


    <dxb:RadialContextMenu .../>

The following is brief summary of the features we'll ship in v14.2:

  • Supports two states: expanded and collapsed. When collapsed, only the central button is visible. When a user clicks this button, the menu expands and displays all menu items associated with the control.
  • Just like the DevExpress Popup Menu, the Radial Menu works with bar items, allowing you to easily convert an existing DevExpress Popup Menu to the new Radial Menu.
  • The Radial Menu can be displayed on-screen with both a left and right mouse clicks (as well as tap & hold for touch-first devices).
  • You can control menu layout as needs dictate (for example, you can define minimum number of sectors or the first item index).
  • Both the BarSplitButtonItem and BarSplitCheckItem support standard dropdowns. This can be useful when you need to display a list of items (for example, a font list).

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback. Let us know what you think.

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