HTML 5 Chart and Map Widget Enhancements (Now available in v14.2)

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11 November 2014

In our upcoming release, we’ve extended the capabilities of DevExtreme Complete with new HTML 5 data visualization widgets, new charts types, improved end-user experiences and dramatically improved performance.

New HTML 5 Polar Chart Widget

Polar Charts are a great way to display data whose values span cyclically repeating arguments. By using polar coordinates, you can display values related to each argument cycle as points - each displayed in a corresponding sector and having a radius proportional to the value itself. If you have multiple series, this widget allows end-users to compare values by viewing the resulting polygons.

HTML 5 Polar Chart Widget

As you might expect, the DevExpress HTML 5 Polar Chart supports a variety of the series types - giving you the flexibility to present information in the most effective, readable format possible.

HTML 5 Polar Chart Series Types

New HTML 5 Chart Widget Error Bars

DevExtreme v14.2 improves the statistical capabilities of our chart widgets with the introduction of Error Bars - designed so you can map values with deviations and to use standard statistical functions for calculating value errors, deviations and variances.

HTML 5 Chart Widget Error Bars

New HTML 5 Chart Widget Series Types

This release extends the collection of Chart Widget series types shipped with DevExtreme: As you can see below, stacked and full stacked versions of splines and spline areas are now supported.

HTML 5 Chart Widget Series Types

Touch Enabled Zooming and Scrolling

In previous versions, we recommended the use of our HTML 5 Range Selector Widget to zoom and scroll charts with a long argument axis. Though the Range Selector remains a powerful UI metaphor, this release offers an alternative approach to zoom/scroll the contents of your chart. This new implementation is designed to allow the use of touch gestures and the built-in chart scroller to zoom/scroll as needed.

HTML 5 Vector Map Widget

With this release, Vector Map areas support the use of labels. In addition, you can now use color differentiation to visually demonstrate the values of a specific parameter that characterizes individual areas.

HTML 5 Vector Map Widget

You can also use markers with color and size differentiation to help illustrate a specific parameter.

HTML 5 Vector Map Widget with Markers

And as you've probably noticed by now, DevExtreme v14.2 allows you to add a legend to the HTML 5 Vector Map Widget in order to provide details on the color used and size diapasons.

Improved Performance

We remain fully committed to building the most powerful HTML 5 Charting Library on the market. To that end and as a result of modifications to our rendering engine, v14.2 is up to 50% faster than previous versions of DevExtreme.

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Bas Bakker
Bas Bakker

In the vector map widget you have Antarctica as green (North!)

You may want to change that.

12 November 2014
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Thanks Bas - we got it changed. :-)

12 November 2014
Oscar Lito M Pablo
Oscar Lito M Pablo

I believe there was an earlier positive response from the DevExtreme dev team about making it "modular" to allow developers to use and load only the widgets/modules/files they need, a feature competing products already offer for quite sometime now.

So instead of loading huge files containing widgets that are never used by the application, we'll load only the widgets the app needs. This is to reduce the size of the apps and make them "light", especially for mobile.

Is this in your roadmap? If so, how soon do we have them?

14 November 2014
Marion (DevExpress Support)
Marion (DevExpress Support)


I would like to note that the current version does support chart widget modules. You can learn more about this at:

18 November 2014
Eugene Foo
Eugene Foo

Hi is that DevExtreme will support for VS 2015 which build in with cordova and run it directly via VS emulator? If yes it will be easier for debugging too :)

19 November 2014

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