WPF Ribbon Control: New "Office for iOS" Presentation Style (Now available in v14.2)

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18 November 2014

As you all know by now, with the release of Office for iPad, Microsoft made significant changes to its Ribbon to accommodate the touch-first nature of tablet devices. In our upcoming release, we've updated our WPF Ribbon Control to support the look, feel and user-experience of the new Office Ribbon for iOS.

WPF Ribbon - iOS for Office Style

Office for iOS Ribbon UI

Our WPF Ribbon will soon ship with a new RibbonStyle option - TabletOffice. Unlike a traditional Ribbon, this new option includes only a single row of buttons. Additionally, TabletOffice does not incorporate multi-level popup menus…Only one popup is displayed on-screen at any point in time. If you activate a sub-menu, it will appear within the same popup container and the window will adjust its size to properly fit its contents.

WPF Ribbon - Office for iOS Style

Office Slim Ribbon UI

We've also introduced another Ribbon style in this release - Office Slim. Unlike the iOS for Office inspired Ribbon, Office Slim can include captions for Ribbon Page Groups; the Quick Access Toolbar is not displayed and its Ribbon Pages are displayed within the caption area.

WPF Ribbon - Office Slim Style

BackstageView Full Screen Mode

v14.2 will also introduce full screen mode support for our WPF Ribbon Control’s Backstage View. In this mode, Backstage View spans the entire Ribbon Control including Application Button, Quick Access Toolbar, etc. - just like Backstage in Microsoft Office 2013.

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