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13 May 2015

It's getting close to that time of year - our mid-year release period. The first product we'll update in late May is TestCafe - our automated web app testing platform. If you've not yet evaluated TestCafe and if functional testing is important to your organization, you can download a free 30 day from our website. TestCafe is included in our Universal subscription or can be purchased standalone for $499 (per user/tester).

The following is a brief summary of the new features we'll introduce in the upcoming release of TestCafe:

Automatically Capture Screenshots During Test Execution

To help you determine what occurred during test execution and better understand the cause of test errors, TestCafe v15.1 can automatically capture screenshots for a web page under test. The flexibility built into the product means that you can command TestCafe to take screenshots when the error occurs or at a specific point in time. Captured images are posted within the test Reports tab as pictured below.

Automated Web App Testing - Capturing Screenshots

Enhanced Test Result View

To help analyze test results and address all defects in a timely manner, we've overhauled TestCafe's test Results tab. When you click a task report in the Results tab, TestCafe displays detailed information about the task run within its grid view. As you can see in the image below, you can easily sort, group and filter results as needs dictate.

Autoamted Web App Testing - Results View

Extensive Assertion Failure Reports

The new Results tab includes additional information about assertion failures. TestCafe now displays the assertion code line and highlights the difference between expected and actual values. In addition, the report can include a webpage screenshot captured when the assertion failed.

Automated Web App Testing - Assertions

Test Result Export

TestCafe's Results tab includes an export option so you export your test results into JSON, JUnit and NUnit formats.

Automated Web App Testing - Export to JSON, JUNIT NUNIT

Restarting Tests

With TestCafe v15.1, you can re-run tests directly within the Results tab by using the "Restart" button. At your discretion, you can repeat all tests or restrict the restart to failed tests.

Automated Web App Testing - Restart a Failed Test

Permanent Reports

TestCafe no longer removes test reports once a session is over - it now saves them between sessions. As such, the Results tab displays a report for all executed tasks until you decide to delete them using the Remove report button pictured below. 

Automated Web App Testing - Removing Test Reports

Processing JavaScript Errors

With this update, TestCafe now provides an option to control whether a test fails when JavaScript errors are encountered. The option is available in the test run dialog.

Automated Web Testing - Stopping Tests when encountering JavaScript errors

Should you have any questions about this release or would like to learn more about TestCafe, feel free to Email us at info@devexpress.com. We'll be happy to follow-up. 

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