WinForms Reporting - Improved Designer (Coming soon in v15.1)

18 May 2015

The next major version of our WinForms Reporting platform will include enhancements to both our Visual Studio Report Designer and our WinForms End-User Report Designer - enhancements that were designed to improve the report design process and to help you get your reports created faster, in a more efficient manner. 

With v15.1, you and your end users will have quick access to all styles and formatting rules available for your report through corresponding nodes in the Report Explorer.

WinForms Report Designer - Design Surface Enhancements

As you can see in the animation above, applying a style or formatting rule to a report control is now as easy as just dragging it from the Report Explorer onto the required report control.

Of course, you can easily add, edit or delete a style or formatting rule using commands available in context menus that are invoked by right-clicking the appropriate root node or associated sub-node.

WinForms Report Designer - Applying Styles

We'd love to hear your thoughts on our improved WinForms Report Designers - is this new feature something you feel will benefit your customers? .

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Nate Laff

Looks good, Ray! I've only recently started making my reports more exciting by adding styles instead of the boring black and white I had for years. This will be helpful.

I think the default styles that ship (bold, casual, etc.. could all use a good refresh by the way ;)

18 May, 2015
mayer schmukler

great feature

18 May, 2015
Marco G.

That is a great and helpful feature. I hope this feature will also be aveilable in the upcoming WPF Designer :-)

18 May, 2015
Chris Royle (LOB)


19 May, 2015
Maxime Savard 3

Great feature

It's possible to centralize all style and push it when report load or the Style is only in xml files in report ?

19 May, 2015
Dave Hesketh

I know a lot of people who will love this...

19 May, 2015
Geoffrey Jones

I think that this will be a great time-saver for our users!

22 May, 2015

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