What's Right is Right and What's Left is Left (Coming soon in v15.1)

20 May 2015

We previewed this feature on our Facebook page - so I'll keep it short and sweet (it's rather self-explanatory). v15.1 will introduce Right-To-Left (RTL) support across all major DevExpress WinForms controls including...

  • Charts
  • Grid controls (Grid, TreeList, Pivot Grid, Vertical Grid and Property Grid)
  • Data Editors and Controls (Range Control, Rating Control, etc.)
  • Ribbon, Menus and related controls (BackstageView, AppMenu, еtс.)
  • Layout Control and layout containers (TabControl, GroupControl, etc.)
  • Navigation Controls (Navigation Bar, Tile Control, etc.)
  • Application UI Controls (Docking, DocumentManager, etc.)

And yes, this is one of those features that's been a long time coming. We thank you for your patience.

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Emad Alden .

it's a great and wonderful news !!!!

I'm very glad to be the first one who read this blog , and I cannot wait to use this technology in my applications .

20 May, 2015
Maen Baghdadi

Amazing, can't wait

20 May, 2015
Mohamed Al Zayani

at last...

20 May, 2015
Mohamed Al Zayani

is XAF supported

20 May, 2015
Philippe Petrussa

While there are always good and great new features, one that has been requested a very very very very long time ago (8 YEARS!), is a diagram/flowchart control. See www.devexpress.com/.../AS15967. Anything you can blog about Ray?

21 May, 2015
A. Krebs

Excellent! :)

21 May, 2015
Abdullah AlFifi


23 May, 2015
Simon Johnson 1

awsome, you guys rock....

24 May, 2015
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Mohamed Al Zayani: An XAF WinForms application is a regular .NET WinForms app that uses DevExpress controls. Thus, RTL will automatically work for supported controls in XAF. We have not performed special optimizations or checks at the XAF level though. If you experience any issues only in XAF apps, please report them to us.

26 May, 2015
median albadawi

It is realy a good news to hear that

we are waiting this for many years.I think that your sells will be increased specially in the middle east nearly.

thanks alot to every body in your company.


Amman - Jordan

3 June, 2015
Oussama Al Rifai


4 June, 2015
Farshid Aliakbari

Still Not Support  Calendar For Persian Language & RichEdit Control Not RightToLeft Support Language, Please also check.


14 June, 2015
Oleg (DevExpress Support)

@Farshid Aliakbari

Our RichEditControl is not yet included into a list of controls which support RTL. We certainly have plans to support this feature for RichEditControl as well, but we have not yet decided in what exact version it will be included.

To support RTL in RichEditControl entirely, we need support typing and rendering a text using script languages (in which several Unicode symbols can be rendered as a single glyph), calculating a caret position an selection for formatted RTL text, etc.

We continue working in this direction and will update our blogs and the "What's New" section for a corresponding release when RTL is supported for RichEditControl.

16 June, 2015
Mohammad Draiee

Nice... finally it's done.

16 June, 2015
Alireza Najafi

Many thanks for your great job!

18 June, 2015
Bülent aksoy

That is Great

29 June, 2015
reza jafari 3


Please Support  Shamsi DateTime in your Controls.

فروردین،اردیبهشت،خرداد ...

Thanks a lot

11 July, 2015

I'm also very hope RichEditControl can be support RTL.

17 September, 2015
Mohammad Mojtahedi

Very nice.

And another vote for PersianCalendar.

18 September, 2015
Mehdi Radi

please support right to left print preview for grid and ...


23 October, 2015
yaniv abo

yes !

14 August, 2016

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