ASP.NET Reporting - Script Editor (Coming soon in v15.1)

Thinking Out Loud
21 May 2015

One of the most requested features for our ASP.NET Report Designer has been the addition of scripting support.

I'm happy to let you know that v15.1 will ship with a built-in script editor - giving your users a convenient way to modify the behavior of report controls, bands or the report itself by using one of the following languages:

  • C#
  • Visual Basic .NET
  • JScript .NET

Scripting language is independent of the language used to create the report and can be specified for a report using the Designer's property grid.

ASP.NET Report Designer Scripting Language
The Report Designer's Script Editor is capable of syntax highlighting and autocompletion for the selected language. In addition, it provides access to every report element event handler and can generate code templates for these handlers in the scripting language being used.

ASP.NET Report Designer - Syntax Highlighting
The Script Editor also supports code validation. When you click the Validate button inside a report script, all errors are clearly marked with a red icon. Hover over the icon and you'll see what went wrong...

ASP.NET Report Designer - Code Validation

We love your feedback - tell us what you think. Is scripting something you'll introduce in your next web application?

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Chris Royle (LOB)
Chris Royle (LOBS)

Does "*capable* of syntax highlighting and autocompletion" mean that intellisense/code completion is supported out of the box ?

22 May 2015
James Zhong
James Zhong

Great! Hope this can be integrated in XAF.

23 May 2015
Serge T (DevExpress)
Serge T (DevExpress)

Hello Chris,

Thank you for your interest in our products!

Script Editor supports syntax highlighting for C# and VB languages out-of-the-box.

Script Editor supports the following features out-of-the-box:

- autocompletion for C# language keywords;

- autocompletion of words already mentioned in code (e.g. defined local variables or used properties) for C# and VB.

25 May 2015
Dennis (DevExpress)
Dennis Garavsky (DevExpress)

@James: Yes, this feature is automatically available in XAF as it is a part of the report designer. We also tested it in an XAF app and could not find any issues so far.

26 May 2015

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