WPF Tab Control - Create a Web Browser-Inspired UI (Coming soon in v15.1)

21 May 2015

With our upcoming release, we've extended the capabilities of the DevExpress WPF Tab Control so you can create apps that emulate the look, feel and behavior of modern web browsers. The animation below should give you a good sense as to what can be built with this update.  

WPF Tab Control - Browser Inspired Tabbed UI

The new DXTabbedWindow control is designed to be used in conjunction with DXTabControl.  DXTabbedWindow supports two Tab Control representation modes: Normal and Compact. Tab Control appearance can be customized by setting the DXTabItem.BorderColor and DXTabItem.BackgroundColor properties. And with about 20 lines of code you can override templates and generate a completely new appearance...

Tell us - do you see yourself using this new WPF Tab Control and if so how? We'd love to know!

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Christopher Jay

Good stuff.  Would love to be able to use something like this to replace my MDI form and other forms in WinForms.

21 May, 2015
Stefano S.

Very useful. Thanks.

21 May, 2015
Lars Ugleberg

What a great feature - I will definately be using this in document-centric applications as a much more modern alternative to the classic MDI design.

22 May, 2015
Nadeem Rana

There should be a wizard to link a tab/tabs with my own data tables/views.

22 May, 2015
Rob Tredgett

Any code samples... Would love to look at upgrading the current tabbed setup i'm working with from 14.1 to this. How difficult to swap over? Currently using 'dxd:LayoutGroup' / 'dxd:DocumentGroup'.

4 June, 2015
Hitesh Pansuria

Has this been released? Can't find in Ver16.1

13 October, 2016

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