ASP.NET Reporting - HTML5 / JS Report Document Viewer (Coming soon in v15.1)

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26 May 2015

The DevExpress Reporting Platform will ship with a number of major features - many of which I've already discussed on this blog. This post covers a brand new HTML5/JS Document Viewer for our ASP.NET customers.

Our HTML5/JS based Document Viewer (as you will undoubtedly guess) is highly reliant on client-side logic and was engineered for use with today's modern desktop browsers. It provides more accurate document rendering, advanced navigation and export configuration options. The good news for web developers is this - the functionality we're shipping in the DevExpress Report Document Viewer is now very close to that of its WinForms and WPF desktop counterparts.

HTML5/JS Reporting Document Viewer - Print Preview

ASP.NET Report Document Viewer - Multi-Page View
....And we've made the transition to this new viewer as easy as possible, if your web application already contains our ASP.NET Document Viewer, you can easily switch to the new HTML5 Document Viewer..

HTML5/JS Report Document Viewer - Searching Reports

Features shipping in v15.1 include:

• Pixel perfect preview rendering – the new Report Document Viewer displays a report exactly as it will appear on paper.
• Enhanced preview navigation - the new Report Document Viewer supports multipage view and zooming. 
• Asynchronous document loading - allows the Document Viewer to start displaying a document without fully loading it from the server - drastically decreasing wait time while large reports are loaded.
• Support for export options - the Viewer’s Export Options panel allows end-users to view and edit format-specific options.

Oh, and before I forget...The new Document Viewer also provides an easy to use search panel to locate information on a previewed report. Once search criteria has been entered, end-users can quickly navigate to the search results by selecting the appropriate item in the results list.

So what do you think? Are you going to switch to the new ASP.NET Report Document Viewer once we ship?

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