ASP.NET Reporting - Expression Editor (Coming soon in v15.1)

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27 May 2015

More good news for web developers...In our upcoming release, the DevExpress ASP.NET Reporting platform will ship an Expression Editor. 

This new Expression Editor provides a straightforward UI for the construction of expressions using predefined functions, logical and arithmetical operators against the report's data source fields.

ASP.NET Reporting - Expression Editor

As you know, Expressions have multiple use-cases. Perhaps the most important is their use as conditions for formatting rules.

Your end-users can access the list of formatting rules available for the selected control from the Appearance section of the Properties window and simply select the checkbox for each rule they wish to apply to the control. In addition, they can add or delete format rules - edit format options and conditions for existing rules.

ASP.NET Reporting - Format Rules

Expressions & Calculated Fields

In previous versions, to specify a calculated field’s expression, users would have to enter it manually. With this release, you are now able to build the expression using the Expression Editor -  which can be invoked by clicking the ellipse button for a calculated field’s Expression property.

ASP.NET Reporting - Expression Editor

We look forward to your feedback on this new feature....Let us know what you think.

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Stefan Wiegand
Stefan Wiegand

Nice. I hope it's also for MVC. And to use it as a stand-alone component.

27 May 2015

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