PDF Document Processor: Memory Usage and Performance Optimization (Coming soon in v15.1)

Thinking Out Loud
27 May 2015

Both the DevExpress PDF Viewer control (for WinForms & WPF) and the PDF Document Processor (Document Generation Library) are getting performance enhancements in our upcoming release...We optimized PDF document load times and associated memory usage during load/save and load/render scenarios.

In our internal performance tests (loading a document with 3000 pages - 100MB), the new PDF Document Processor v15.1, performed quite well when compared to v14.2...





Load time (seconds)




Memory (MB)




Perhaps "quite well" is an understatement - the performance numbers for v15.1 are much better than any previous version and approaching those of Adobe itself. 

These performance gains were achieved by implementing lazy document model creation and keeping weak references on document resources. This allows the control to read, manipulate and save documents of an unlimited size. Memory is only used for rendering/saving current page resources – page by page, and can be freed immediately.

In addition, images are no longer decompressed on save operations...allowing you to manipulate and save the documents with very large images even if they cant be displayed in the DevExpress PDF Viewer.

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