DevExpress VCL Rich Text Editor (now released in v15.1)

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15 June 2015

In our last VCL release cycle, we shipped the DevExpress VCL Rich Edit Control - our Microsoft Word inspired word processor - as a community tech preview. With our upcoming release, we'll officially launch our VCL Rich Text Editor and will incorporate the following new features/capabilities: 

  • Table support
  • Multi-column layout
  • Built-in context/popup menu
  • Simple and Draft document views
  • Horizontal and vertical rulers
  • Image sizing
  • Support for plain text format files
  • OLE drag and drop support

Here are a couple of screenshots demonstrating these new features.

RTF - Horizontal and Vertical Rulers

VCL Rich Text Editor - Horizontal and Vertical Rulers

RTF - Multi Column Layout

VCL Rich Text Editor - Multi-Column Layout

In addition, this update will include the following new multi-purpose dialogs:

  • Font Editing
  • Bullets and Numbering
  • Find and Replace
  • Insert Table
  • Table Properties
  • Tabs and Symbols

Please note that in the v15.1 beta, the Rich Edit Control only supports RAD Studio XE or later and can only be used in 32-bit apps created with Delphi/C++Builder.

As always, we welcome your feedback and comments - let us know how you are planning to use our VCL Rich Text Editor in your next VCL project.

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Manolis Perrakis
Manolis Perrakis

Hi Ray,

Rich Text control is a great addition to your components. However since you presented a preview of this control to the previous VCL version it would be better to add the some essential  features to this version (151)  that would allow us to use it in an application. Personally I think this is much more useful control than gauges..

These features include the printing, the db version of the control and for my case the floating objects. Personally I was waiting for 8 months for this release but still cannot include it in my application (although I promised it ) and don't have a clue when these features are going to be implemented. From Paulo I got an answer that maybe these features will be in 15.1 minor versions but not for sure (timeline from some months to one year).



16 June 2015
David Brennan
David Brennan

I tend to agree with Manolis. The gauges look great but realistically most developers will struggle to come up with good business cases to use them. Whereas we need to add a RichText editor right now and need to choose between this, TRichView and anything else the devs have found. I haven't looked at the DevExpress control yet but obviously capabilities and maturity are key factors.

22 June 2015

Three essential RichText features which most of us need:

1. Mail Merging data

2. Mail Merging data

3. Mail Merging data

24 June 2015
mike Hartnett
mike Hartnett

Printing. Please, printing. Tried Rave, FastReports, etc. No Joy. PRINTING!

23 July 2015
Daniel Waeber
Daniel Waeber

This is a great addition to the product! The demo is very promising! What I did not see, in case you  need ideas:

- spell-check integration

- fastreport printing

- ms-word-like comparison (see T270496 in the .NET section)

- comments (post-it like, word, acrobat, whatever else)

Any plans on this?

24 July 2015
mike Hartnett
mike Hartnett

Please add printing. We have no use for this without being able to output the information.

29 July 2015
mike Hartnett
mike Hartnett

No printing or spell checking? Those would be needed for us to move to this.

12 August 2015
Piotr F.
Piotr F.

RichEdit without HTML support poor update!!

When we get import/export html ?

2 September 2015
Ion Cotoman
Ion Cotoman


this VCL support export data in HTML?

(richedit Delphi)

7 October 2016

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