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15 June 2015

We've done our very best to create demos that emphasize the flexibility of our WinForms controls and hopefully give you a clear understanding on how to implement them within your projects. As you already know, many of the demos we ship are module-based and emulate real-world usage scenarios.

To help reduce the amount of time you spend working through our demos and help you master use of DevExpress controls in the shortest possible time, we created a small set of API Code Examples for the v15.1 release cycle. These case-oriented examples demonstrate API usage and illustrate common solutions to everyday tasks. In addition, the examples we've created allow you to review the code, modify it as needed and immediately view your results...

At present time, you can find API Code Examples in three shipping demos: Automatic Form Layout Control, MVVM Best Practices and Desktop UI Manager. Once you open the appropriate demo, you will see the following...

...The application is composed of three regions: 

  1. Navigation area on the left. Displays all available code snippets categorized into logical groups, and allows you to quickly locate desired examples.
  2. Result area on the right. Demonstrates the result of the selected code snippet.
  3. Code editor at the bottom. Displays the code and allows you to modify it.

When you select a code snippet or modify code, it's automatically compiled and the output displayed within the Results section.

WinForms Demos - DevExpress Code Snippets

These Code Examples give you the ability to create a temporary Visual Studio project and incorporate the selected code snippet. Click the Run in Visual Studio button on the Ribbon to generate the project and open it inside Visual Studio.

WinForms Demos - Visual Studio Code Snippets

One final note - Going forward, when running any demo as a binary executable file, you can easily open its corresponding C# or Visual Basic solution by using the Open Solution button on the Ribbon bar.

WinForms Demos - Open Solution

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