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18 June 2015

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we've added a collection of new icons to our Icon Library - icons we created specifically for our DevAV demo apps. If you've not had the opportunity to review those demo apps, take a moment to run our Demo Center and see some of the user experiences you can create with our WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET and HTML5 UI controls/widgets.

In this post, I wanted to briefly describe what we're now shipping inside the DevExpress Icon Library and hopefully get your feedback and determine the types of icons you'd like us to create going forward. Remember that our Icon Library ships as part of all DevExpress Subscriptions (WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, MVC) AND when you purchase a 12-month DevExpress Subscription, you can incorporate any of these icons within your projects and distribute them royalty-free.

The Icons

First a basic primer for those of you who've not used our Icon Library. As you can see in the image below, we've categorized the icons into groups such as Actions, Alignment, etc.

DevExpress Icon Library for .NET Developers

We've further organized icons by Size and assigned them to individual "Collections" (v15.1 includes a DevAV Collection - see image below).

DevExpress Icon Library - DevAV Collection

When you explore these icons, I'm sure you'll find similarities between those inspired by Office 2013 and those we use inside our DevAV app. This leads me to my first question....

Which do you prefer - do you like/use the "flatter" icons or do you prefer the look of more traditional icons inside the "Colored" collection?

DevExpress Icon Collection - Flat vs Traditional

Question #1 leads to question #2 - which involves the UX changes inside Windows 10...part of which includes changes to icons. How many of you plan to change the icons used in your apps to replicate those found in Windows 10 (even when shipping solutions that are used inside older versions of Windows)?

And finally, though we cannot add too many "one-off" icons, we can definitely add icons that are widely used simply missing in our current offering. What icons/icon types would you like to see us add in upcoming release cycles?

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