WinForms Layout Control Enhancements (Coming soon in v15.2)

10 November 2015
In our upcoming release, we've extended the capabilities of our form layout control with the following enhancements - all designed to make layout customization easier and more intuitive.


During resize operations, you can view current item size within a tooltip for precise item positioning.

WinForms Form Layout Customization

In addition, the DevExpress Layout Control highlights items (in red - ok, I admit, it's really pink) that cannot be resized due to size constraints. This feature is disabled by default. It can be enabled via LayoutControl.OptionsView.DrawAdornerLayer.

WinForms Form Layout Customization Constraints


The new Search box within the Customization Form makes it extremely easy to locate items within your form layout. You simply enter the item's name and the Layout Control will highlight the appropriate item automatically.
This functionality was implemented using the DevExpress Search Control (

WinForms Form Layout Control - Search

Visual Enhancements

With v15.2, we’ve modified selected item style when in customization mode. These items are now painted using a sky blue color. During drag & drop operations, item drop position uses the color azure.


We'd love to hear your thoughts on these new enhancements. Let us know what you think.

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Chris Royle (LOB)

Will this be available within XAF (without coding ourselves) ?

10 November, 2015
Christopher Todd

I like!

10 November, 2015
Ngo Tung

Excellent, we can standardize the size of our layout items easily. Can not wait to use it

11 November, 2015
Bassam Abdelaal

Enhancements to this control is very welcome , the above is great , its heavily used in form layout , sometimes makes you wonder why it behaves that way but once you master it its a great tool , was hoping ASP.NET library is having a similar version with same capabilities , it would be then one of great inventions of DevExpress

11 November, 2015


Question: about highlight colors... can they be customized? Are they theme-dependent?

11 November, 2015
Saif Khan

These are very helpful additions. I found myself many times having to traverse the tree just to find where a control is.

11 November, 2015
Roman Kalachik (DevExpress)

@Crono: Yes, all colors are customizable. We have a static class containing these options. These colors are theme independent.

12 November, 2015
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Chris: The default WinForms LayoutControl functionality, such as searching for items, is available in XAF by default, because we use this control in XAF almost as is... Optional features like tooltips should be enabled according to the controls documentation. For instance, in XAF, you can use the following integration code to set the DrawAdornerLayer option, because it is disabled in the control itself by default:

protected override DevExpress.ExpressApp.Layout.LayoutManager CreateLayoutManagerCore(bool simple) {

DevExpress.ExpressApp.Layout.LayoutManager layoutManager = base.CreateLayoutManagerCore(simple);

LayoutControl layoutControl = layoutManager.Container as LayoutControl;

if(layoutControl != null) {

layoutControl.OptionsView.DrawAdornerLayer = DevExpress.Utils.DefaultBoolean.True;


return layoutManager;


19 November, 2015

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