WPF Tree Map Control (Coming soon in v15.2)

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12 November 2015

Our upcoming release will include a new WPF TreeMap Control - a powerful way to visualize hierarchical or flat data using nested rectangles. If you are not familiar with TreeMaps and their possible use-cases, the following Wikipedia article provides a good background on TreeMaps.

WPF Tree Map Control

Appearance and Behavior Customization

As you'd expect, our WPF TreeMap allows you to specify the layout algorithm used to arrange tree map items. The following options are supported out of the box.

Slice and Dice
WPF Tree Map Slice & Dice
WPF Tree Map Squarified
WPF Tree Map Striped

Should your needs dictate a different layout algorithm, you can design derivatives as needed. 

With the use of Colorizers, you can specify TreeMap colors automatically. The list below includes all colorizers shipped with the Tree Map.

WPF Tree Map Palette Colorizer
WPF Tree Map Gradient Colorizer
Group Gradient
WPF Tree Map Group Gradient Colorizer
WPF Tree Map Range Colorizer

Just like layout algorithms, you can implement your custom colorizer when needed.

Finally, the TreeMap control supports interactivity features, such as selection, highlighting and tooltips.

WPF Tree Map Control - Tooltip


We'd love to hear your thoughts on this new WPF product. Let us know what you think.

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