WPF Themes - Office 2016 (Coming soon in v15.2)

16 November 2015

Though not a radical departure from Office 2013, v15.2 adds 3 new Office 2016 inspire themes to our WPF Theme collection:

Office 2016 Black | Office 2016 White Office 2016 Colorful

In the following screenshot, we've applied the Office 2016 Colorful theme to our DevAV demo...

WPF Office 2016 Theme


If you've used our WinForms products in the past - and are moving to WPF - we'd love to hear from you...Is there a specific theme/skin you'd like to see us port from WinForms to WPF?

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Neven Zovko

Great! Can we customize the accent color in "Office 2016 Colorful" theme (e.g. Excel-green instead of Outlook-blue) ?

P.S.: www.devexpress.com/.../T291014

16 November, 2015
bruno mandarà

it would be nice to have themes like the following link:


a more modern, more stylized, but above all more lightweight and powerful?

16 November, 2015
Tobias Schaller

Will WinForms get a Office 2016 theme, too?

16 November, 2015
Ivan (DevExpress Support)

Hi everybody! Thank you for your interest in our components.

Here are quick answers to your questions.

Neven, we provide a special Theme Editor tool. Using its Color Schemes functionality (documentation.devexpress.com), you can quickly re-color a theme.

Tobias, at the moment, we cannot definitely say that Office 2016 for WinForms will be finished by the 15.2 release. Please watch for our announcements, and I am sure you won't miss anything.

17 November, 2015
Neven Zovko

Ivan, I hoped we would be able to change the accent color WITHOUT having to use the theme editor. Sadly, I was wrong. :-(

18 November, 2015
Tyler Barthel WF

Unfortunately the color scheme editor is less than ideal to tweak accent colors in themes.  Especially when it comes to upgrading between versions it becomes painful to maintain.

19 November, 2015
Neven Zovko

Agree, maintaining custom themes between versions is really painful. That's one of the reasons why I'm avoiding the theme editor. It should be possible to customize colors and fonts by code!

This is how it should be done: http://bit.ly/1l9944h

20 November, 2015


Whether these are all new themes that will be available for WPF (in v15.2)?

Best regards.

20 November, 2015

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