WinForms & WPF Spreadsheet Control - Integrated Cell Editors (Coming soon in v16.1)

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19 May 2016
The ubiquity of Microsoft Excel in the corporate world cannot be understated. Because of its popularity and incredibly rich feature-set, we knew that we had a lot of ground to cover when we first released our WinForms and WPF Spreadsheet Controls. Obviously, we'll never replicate Excel fully, but we are working hard to close the gap as much as possible.

Among the many capabilities we've wanted to introduce in our product is the ability to embed Data Editors within the document itself...Beyond the obvious benefits in doing so, by moving data editing functionality directly into a Spreadsheet, we open a world of possibilities when it comes to UI design (especially for those of you with end-users who are actively using Excel). Said simply, with integrated Data Editor support, you can address multiple usage scenarios using a "spreadsheet-first" UX approach. Imagine a sales entry form that is actually your invoice (created within the spreadsheet) or an inventory analysis document with built-in order management options (controlled within the spreadsheet)..

A picture (in this case an animation) is worth a thousand words...Get ready to unleash the full potential of our Spreadsheet and create high-impact data editing experiences within your next Windows app.

DevExpress Spreadsheet for WinForms & WPF with Data Editor Support

We'd love to hear your thoughts on Data Editing support within our WinForms & WPF Spreadsheet. How likely are you to use this feature in an upcoming project? 

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