WinForms Scheduler - The New Agenda Calendar View (Coming soon in v16.1)

19 May 2016

v16.1 will ship with an entirely new way to present appointment/event information within your Windows app. Our WinForms Scheduler's Agenda View allows you chronologically display a list of appointments which are grouped by day. This View is implemented Via the AgendaView class, accessible using the SchedulerControl.AgendaView property.

WinForms Scheduler - Agenda Calendar View

To begin using the Agenda View in your project, set the SchedulerControl.ActiveViewType property to SchedulerViewType.Agenda.

Properties will include:

ShowLabel - Specifies whether the round appointment label indicator is shown. 

ShowResource - Displays an appointment's resource caption in the Agenda View. 

StatusDisplayType - Specifies whether appointment status is displayed as a color bar at the left most edge of a row (AppointmentStatusDisplayType.Bounds, AppointmentStatusDisplayType.Time) (AppointmentStatusDisplayType.Never).

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the new Agenda View. Are you currently using our WinForms Scheduler and if so, what vertical markets does your app serve?

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Christopher Jay

Our users will LOVE this.  They schedule all sorts of tasks and appointments.  Phone calls, meetings, deliveries, etc.  Great work, guys.

19 May, 2016
vasanthkumar rajasekhar

thanks a lot. this is really useful

19 May, 2016
Nate Laff

Very cool! Great addition. I believe my users will love this as well.

19 May, 2016
Jirka Rostek

That is fantastic work. But only one thing make colapsed Groups like Accordion :)

19 May, 2016

WPF Version?

19 May, 2016
Robert Perry 2


20 May, 2016
Sigurd Decroos


Any chance to make it more like 'facebook' timeline?

20 May, 2016
Eric Upton 1

I like this layout. It's very clean and easy to follow. Looking forward to it's release to implement it in one of our applications.

20 May, 2016
Jonatas Hudler

Great addition!

20 May, 2016
Major Oak Software Ltd.

I can see this working very well along side the training scheduler in my app Skills Master Pro.

21 May, 2016

We have planned to make our own AgendaViewControl. This is now obsolet, just in time! Many thanks, DevXperts for one or two weeks holiday more :-)

24 May, 2016

Only in winforms?  When will we see this in ASP.NET ?

24 May, 2016

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