WinForms & WPF Rich Text Editor - Clipboard Operations & Hit Testing (Coming soon in v16.1)

Thinking Out Loud
23 May 2016
Before a quick description of 4 new enhancements to our Rich Text Editor for WinForms and WPF, I'm curious to see how many of you use these controls within your projects...Based on user feedback, those using our Rich Text Editor often do so for things such as mail-merge and the like. If you've been using our Rich Text Editor in other creative ways, please let us know in the comments below.

Hit Testing Support
You can now search for document objects or layout elements by their position (mouse cursor coordinates or page position).

Improved Clipboard Operations
You can now specify the formats used when our WinForms and WPF Rich Text Editor places content onto the Windows clipboard. Content from the document is copied automatically whenever the clipboard receives a request. Clipboard content can also be saved in HTML format.

Document Attributes
Our WinForms and WPF Rich Text Editors now include support for document properties that are compatible with both MS Word and Office OpenXML standards.

Document Iterator
The new Document Iterator allows you to iterate specified document elements while hiding the inner structure of a document model. Though a number of use-cases exist, perhaps the most common example is to use the document iterator to create a custom HTML exporter.

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