WinForms & WPF Unbound Data Source for Data Aware Controls (Coming soon in v16.1)

25 May 2016
If you've used our WinForms & WPF Controls for any length of time, you already know they can bind to almost anything: Entity Framework, Excel workbooks, Code-First Data Sets, XML, etc. Hooking up controls like our Data Grids can be done in a blink of an eye (sometimes two blinks). With the v16.1 release, we've added support for yet another data type - Unbound Data.

The Why and When of our Unbound Source

When you've got data but are not ready to use a standard data source, our new Unbound Source component may be your best choice. This component provides two events to retrieve data from an external storage and write it back after runtime modifications. It includes a number of built-in methods to notify data-aware controls about changes in its underlying data and is available as an option when using our Data Source Configuration Wizard. The bottom line is simple: we've built a way for you to use unbound data easily (and avoid having to read any unbound data KB articles we've written in the past).

To the astute among you - let me read your mind and answer a question you may be considering....Yes, Unbound Grid Columns are still available and Unbound Source component is not meant to replace them. Unbound columns are useful when you need to add columns to an existing data source, whereas Unbound Source is your best bet when no data source exists.

And finally - Unbound Source is a part of the DevExpress Data Library and thus, available for both WinForms and WPF platforms.

So what do you think? Something you're going to take advantage of from day 1? Love to hear your thoughts.

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Christopher Jay

Will this allow, for example, having not-in-list items typed into a GridLookupEdit?

25 May, 2016
Rick Mathers

That's awesome, I needed something like that a few years ago; I finally just had to revert back to the standard grid that came with Visual Studio. Will that be coming over to UWP sometime soon?

25 May, 2016
Jim Foye

I will take advantage of it, yes, as I had first requested this back in 2004.

25 May, 2016
Nikita (DevExpress Support)

Hello Christopher,

Yes, it is possible to store such a value using this data source. We are going to create an example that illustrates how to do this.

By the way, in version 16.1, our LookUp editors support the ComboBox mode that allows keeping an inputted value in the editor independently in the LookUp's data source.

26 May, 2016
Santiago Moscoso

Just Nice!

I needed this for some projects, it sure helps avoiding to handle all those events on all those controls.

2 June, 2016
Stéphane ROZE

I'm really curious to see how it will work.

4 June, 2016
Steve Sharkey

Where do I find the documentation for this?

14 June, 2016
Asbjørn Mikkelsen

Can't find any documentation for this, neither any demos that take advantage of it, was it dropped?

29 June, 2016
Derick Loo

May I know where I can find doc or demo for this?  Thanks

4 July, 2016
Aleks (DevExpress Support)


You can find additional information on how to use GridControl in unbound mode in the Unbound Sources article -

15 February, 2017

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