WinForms Adorner UI Manager - Enhancements (Coming soon in v16.1)

26 May 2016
More WinForms goodies for you before Memorial Day weekend.

We've enhanced our WinForms Adorner UI Manager by introducing two new elements so you can highlight specific controls and their associated elements. The animation below should give you a sense of what is possible with these new elements - a great way to build step-by-step instructions/guides and to highlight and emphasize specific spots or regions within a parent form. Optional descriptions are also available. When invoked, the guide displays our Flyout panel so you can communicate custom information with end-users. 

WinForms Adorner UI Manager
Note that you can move between next and previous guides using the TAB key or by clicking a target control.

When a control fails validation and you wish to clearly explain the reason for the failure, Adorner allows you to display a descriptive hint next to the control. By using the new Validation Hint adorner element, you can highlight the target control and display different hints with images in all control states – valid, invalid and indeterminate.

WinForms Adorner UI - Validation Messages
Validation hints can be hooked up to a DevExpress Control and to any standard or 3rd party control that supports validation.

Finally, in addition to these two major features, Adorner UI Manager v16.1 also includes the following small enhancements:
  • A Click event has been added to the AdornerUIManager elements.
  • New custom draw events help you paint adorner elements in any manner.
  • Text in all adorner elements can be formatted using HTML tags.

We'd love to get your thoughts on our Adorner UI - likely are you to use something like this?

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Christopher Jay

I would use it for sure... if they weren't so buggy with MDI Forms as they were the last time I checked!

26 May, 2016
Anders Wang

Can we use Flyout panel  way been for the validation errors? Can we expand it to other complex UI control like grid? i.e.display validation error in Flyout panel way for grid cell.

26 May, 2016
Alexander Krakhotko (Xafari team)

great news.

allow on XAF?

27 May, 2016
James S K Makumbi

This is awesome. I love it. The more feedback we can give users the better. Especially if the feedback is even driven but hidden when unnecessary.

27 May, 2016
Daniel Hüttenberger


I definetly will use this guide feature.

Thank you for your great work.

27 May, 2016
Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]

I've been waiting for you to release something that mimics the inline help system used in your WinForms demo projects for a long time now! This will be a huge asset for my software and make training new users a LOT easier. Thanks!

27 May, 2016
B Hunter

Will the 16.1 demos include examples for the Adorner UI Manager? I did not see any in the beta, and the guide feature seems like something we would definitely consider using.

9 June, 2016
Alexey Z (DevExpress Support)


@Anders Wang:

It looks like a more detailed discussion on this topic is required. I have created a new ticket on your behalf - Let's discuss it in our Support Center.

@B Hunter:

This demo is included in our 16.1.3 beta. You can find it in the WinForms Demos->Desktop UI Manager->UI Adorning section.

10 June, 2016
Julien Ferraro

Great addition !!! Any chance to see this in UWP later ?

21 June, 2016

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