WPF Grid Control - Fixed Rows and Column Filtering Enhancements Coming Soon in v16.2

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30 November 2016

Yesterday, I shared a couple of the new features we're shipping in our WinForms Grid - today, I'd like to describe some of the things we have planned for our WPF Grid Control.

Fixed Row Support

If you've used our Grid in the past, you may be familiar with Fixed Columns - a way to lock a individual column to the edge of the Grid's container. This feature is often used to establish a visual "reference" point when scrolling the contents of a Grid horizontally.

As its name implies, Fixed Rows allow you to pin data Rows at the top or bottom of the Grid's container. This new feature will help those users who want to retain access to specific records as they scroll the contents of the grid vertically. The following video should give you a better sense as to the UX possibilities available to you once implemented.

Improved Column-Based Filtering

Our Grid's updated Excel-inspired column-based filtering options mirror those of our WinForms Grid. Please refer to the following blog post for more information.


If you're interested in learning more about our WPF Grid, feel free to email us at info@devexpress.com.

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