WPF Accordion Control (Coming soon in v17.1)

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20 April 2017
Much like its WinForms counterpart, the DevExpress Accordion Control for WPF was designed to extend the capabilities of our existing Navigation Bar, give you additional user interface options, and address a broad range of navigation related use-case scenarios. As you can see in the image below, our WPF Accordion Control can help you build "navigation" panes with multiple actions (items) - that can be easily organized within groups. Further, these groups can contain nestings so you can construct hierarchical navigation systems as needed.

DevExpress Accordion Control for WPF

The flexibility of the control is evident in this sample...We've used the Accordion to replicate the data filtering UX common to many modern web apps.

Whether you use it to navigate app modules or construct a filter pane, the Accordion will ship with the following features:

  • Unlimited hierarchies
  • Built in support for data binding
  • Animation and glyph support.
  • Custom content
  • Built-in search and virtual mode

If you've used the WinForms Accordion in the past and want to share your experience and how you're using the Accordion, please reply below - I'm sure our WPF users would love to know its strengths and weaknesses as a nav pane prior to our v17.1 release.

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