DevExpress Report Server with Built-in Dashboard Support (Coming soon in v17.1)

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24 April 2017

Though we'll describe changes to the DevExpress Report & Dashboard Server (specifically, its ability to distribute Dashboards) in more detail in the coming days, I did want to mention a SKU change so those of you interested in DevExpress Report Server can upgrade to the Universal Subscription before the product is moved into a dedicated product SKU.

First and foremost - our Report Server is not our client-side Reporting or Dashboard platform...If you are only interested in client-side reporting (XtraReports) or analytics tools that can be integrated directly within your app (with royalty-free distribution rights), no changes are forthcoming -- Our Client-Side Reporting platform is available across a variety of Subscriptions, including WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET and of course the Report Subscription. DevExpress Dashboard is now, and will continue to be, part of our Universal Subscription.

Once we release v17.1, however, our intention is to remove Report Server from the Universal SKU and make it available only on a standalone basis.

Those who own an active Universal Subscription or purchase a new Universal Subscription prior to the release of v17.1, will receive the new version of Report Server (with Dashboard support). See our current SKU breakdown for more information, including the number of Report Server CALs we offer for Universal Subscribers:

If your enterprise is considering use of our Report Server, now might be the time to upgrade and/or renew your Universal Subscription. Feel free to contact a member of Client Services Team ( for your upgrade/renewal pricing options. 

DevExpress Report Server with Dashboard Support

DevExpress Report Server with Dashboard - Analytics Support

If you have any questions, feel free to ask - we'll be more than happy to elaborate on changes to our Universal SKU once we ship v17.1.

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