WinForms Expression Editor (Coming soon in v17.1)

25 April 2017

Our upcoming release will include a new Expression Editor for WinForms. Here's a brief summary of what you can expect and what you should consider if using our legacy Expression Editor going forward.

First and foremost, the DevExpress WinForms Expression Editor is available for use in the following WinForms control libraries.

  • Data Grid
  • Reporting
  • Vertical Grid
  • TreeList
  • and DevExpress Dashboard (part of our Universal Subscription)

The New DevExpress Expression Editor

DevExpress WinForms Expression Editor with Syntax Highlighting

Perhaps the biggest difference between our new Expression Editor and its older counterpart is that it now offers syntax highlighting and intelligent code completion support. As you can see in the image below, once you select a function, the Editor automatically displays a tooltip with a description of the function...

Syntax Highlighting

When you enter a left square bracket, the Editor will display a list box with all available data columns - and the tooltip will describe the column's data type.

Expression Editor Data Columns

Finally, if an expression contains errors, the Editor will bring it to your attention directly within the editor's workspace. 

WinForms Expression Editor

If you're currently using the legacy version of the DevExpress WinForms Expression Editor and wish *not* to upgrade to the newer version, you can simply set the WindowsFormsSettings.DefaultSettingsCompatibilityMode property to v16 at startup. For more information on our CompabitlityMode setting, please refer to the following blog post from our CTO last week.

Should you have any questions on this new functionality, feel free to comment below.

6 comment(s)

Is it included in XAF too?

25 April, 2017
Anurag Mahato

What about WPF ?

25 April, 2017
Stepan Lauryn

Can I use WinForms Expression also within my end-user product (XAF)?

25 April, 2017
Alexander Krakhotko (Xafari team)


Available in XAF Model Editor?

I hope you add more: debugger and agregation editor (SUM,AVG etc.) like

26 April, 2017

Will the list of functions be replenished with new ones?

26 April, 2017
Bill Hazelwood


27 April, 2017

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