DevExpress Report Server with Full Dashboard Support (Coming soon in v17.1)

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03 May 2017

Last week, I described the changes we've made to our Report Server platform - specifically, the ability to create and distribute dashboards (in addition to standard reports). If you've not reviewed that post, you can do so here.

Before I describe this new capability further, let me restate an important point so as not to confuse anyone - if you are looking to incorporate client-side Reporting and/or Dashboards (be it desktop or web-based) and wish to distribute your solutions royalty-free, this post will not apply to you. If, however, you are seeking a report distribution platform for your enterprise, then DevExpress Report Server is definitely a product you should consider.

At present, DevExpress Report Server is bundled within our Universal Subscription and is available for purchase on a standalone basis. The product uses a Client Access License (CAL) model. If you own an active Universal Subscription, you are granted 5 CALs and you can purchase additional CALs as necessary. As I mentioned in my previous post, once we release v17.1, we'll be removing DevExpress Report Server from our Universal SKU. When we do, it will be available for purchase only on a standalone basis. And yes, if you already own an active Universal Subscription at the time of v17.1 launch, you will retain your licensing rights to DevExpress Report Server. 

Those of you who do not own the Universal Subscription and are interested in locking in access to Report Server should contact our Client Services Team ( in the next couple of weeks. We'll be more than happy to arrange an upgrade path from your current subscription to DevExpress Universal at the lowest possible cost. 

DevExpress Report Server with Dashboard Support

In contrast to static reports, Dashboards give you the power to create dynamic decision support systems. With Dashboards, you can deliver customizable solutions designed to communicate metrics and identify trends within any organization. Though Dashboards will never replace a traditional printed report, they can give users a new way to appreciate strengths or weaknesses and anticipate opportunities or threats within their business.

DevExpress Report Server with Dashboard Support

All the capabilities you've come to expect from our Report Server were extended to support DevExpress Dashboard. From editing and viewing a Dashboard, to scheduling and versioning, dashboard generation and its subsequent distribution is managed in the same exact way as its static report counterpart.

You may be asking yourself how is a Dashboard generated from within Report Server different than Dashboards integrated within a traditional desktop or web-based app. The simple answer is that there is no can create Report Server based Dashboards with the same Visualization elements you've come to expect from its client-side equivalent. These include:

  • Grids
  • Pivot Tables
  • Charts 
  • Maps
  • TreeMaps
  • Gauges
  • Cards
  • Data-bound Text and Image Fields

You also have access to the same interactive features -- including master filtering with a variety of supported filter elements (from combo box to visual range selector) and drill down functionality for elements such as the Grid, Charts, Pivot Grid and Maps. And finally, a broad range of analytical tools to maximize readability and data relevance (Conditional Formatting, Coloring, etc).

These similarities notwithstanding, Report Server is different than a custom built client-side solution in that the work to  simplify the management and distribution of static reports/dashboards has already been completed for you. If your organization is swimming in reports and wants to streamline, control, and maintain them more efficiently, the Report Server is a legitimate option vs a custom, in-house solution.

DevExpress Report Server with Dashboard Support

We'll discuss Report Server in more detail in our Launch Webinar on May 19th. If this product is of interest, be sure to register your spot today. Until then, feel free to share your thoughts below...

On a quick side note for those already using DevExpress Report Server .... Among the new features we'll also ship in v17.1 is the ability to filter Report Server data using account-related information (User Name, User Groups, Domain Name, etc.). As you'd expect, this new feature allows you to restrict the data displayed within a report or dashboard for specific users or groups.

DevExpress Report Server with Dashboard Support

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