WPF Data Grid - Merged Grouped Columns and Extended Live Update Support (Coming soon in v17.1)

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03 May 2017

I recently published a brief description of merged column support for our WinForms Data Grid. Many of you have asked about its availability in our WPF Data Grid. The good news (as you've probably surmised by the title of this blog post) is that the DevExpress WPF Grid v17.1 will ship with merged grouped column support. To best illustrate the possible usage scenarios for this new feature, take a moment to review the following animation.

As you can see, merged groups allow you to present information in a more compact and in many instances, a more relevant manner. Users can efficiently explore trends within their data without the need to scroll long hierarchies.

In addition to merged grouped columns, v17.1 will improve the manner in which record state is rendered when displaying "live data." With a new Conditional Formatting trigger condition and animation effects that execute whenever a cell's value changes, we believe those of you who must display real-time information to end-users will find this new feature of particular value.

Finally, we've added a number of minor features based on great feedback from our loyal users. These include:

  • Support for multi-cell selection in master-detail mode.
  • Availability of a SortFieldName property for individuals columns, allowing you to specify a different field for sort operations.
  • Ability to save/restore a layout with autogenerated bands.
  • Ability to load a Grid without a focused row.
  • Simplified method to display custom Grid Cell Tooltips.

We are here to helps, so should you have any questions on any of these new features, feel free to reach out to us.

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