ASP.NET Spreadsheet - Cell Comments, Max Row and Column Count and More (Coming soon in v17.1)

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08 May 2017
We've got a few exciting new features to announce in the upcoming release of our ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC Spreadsheet controls - these include support for cell comments, max row/max column count and the ability to customize the Spreadsheet's context menu.

Worksheet Comments - Annotations

As you would expect, this new feature allows you and your users to annotate ASP.NET and MVC Worksheets. Comments are displayed within a floating box that is anchored to a cell. You can add new comments, edit, hide or delete existing comments, move and resize the comment box as necessary.

ASP.NET & MVC Spreadsheet - Worksheet Comments

New comments can be inserted or existing comments modified via the following methods:
  • Ribbon UI - by using the commands located within the Comments group of the Review tab.
  • Context (Popup) Menu
Additionally, users can resize a comment box or move it to a new location by using the comment's sizing handles. 

Max Row - Max Column Count

With this release, you can specify the maximum number of rows and columns displayed within our ASP.NET & MVC Spreadsheet Control.

ASP.NET MVC Spreadsheet Max Row/Max Column Count

To control row/column visibility, simply use our new WorksheetDisplayArea.SetSize method.

Context (Popup) Menu Customization

With this release, you can handle a new client-side event and customize our ASP.NET Spreadsheet's context menu (insert new menu items, remove or disable existing items). Event parameters allow you to identify the worksheet element (a cell, row or column header, chart or picture) for which the context menu is invoked and prevent the menu from being displayed.

Should you have any questions on any of these features, please comment below - we'll be happy to follow up.


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