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Logify 24/7 Application Monitoring - Newest Features

Thanks to great feedback from our users, we've extended the capabilities of Logify so it can better meet the 24/7 application monitoring needs of customers.

Logify - 24/7 Application Monitoring Service

If you've not had the opportunity to review its capabilities or evaluate it within your organization, please visit and register for your 15-day trial.

New - Removing Sensitive Data from Your Logify Crash Reports

Logify allows you to remove sensitive data stored within your reports. If you've used Logify, you'll know that all request data (form fields, headers, cookies and server variables) are included within the report sent to Logify Alert when a web application crashes. At your discretion, you can remove sensitive HTTP request data from reports before sending them.

New - Collect Breadcrumbs

Logify now includes a Breadcrumb feature and is able to collect information on the actions that preceded an app crash event (text input, clicks, network requests and an application state changes).

New - Collect Method Arguments

When analyzing an exception’s call stack, it's often useful to review method arguments that were being executed when an exception occurred. Logify Alert provides two new methods to support this capability: TrackArguments and ResetTrack Arguments

New - Related Issues Support

You can now associate external links to issues/tickets/cards/messages stored within an issue tracker or external app. This will help you link known issues to crash events displayed within a Logify report. 

Additional new features include remote client configuration support, "favorite" report fields, ability to merge reports, and advanced search options.  

As always, we are here to help - if you have any questions about Logify, email us at

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