Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

WinForms TreeList - Improved Performance and API (Coming soon in v17.1)
WinForms TreeList Control - Enhanced Data Filtering (Coming soon in v17.1)
WPF TreeList Control - Excel Data Export (Coming soon in v16.1)
WinForms & WPF Grid and TreeList Control - Enhanced Clipboard Operations (Coming soon in v15.2)
WinForms Conditional Formatting - Grid and TreeList Rules Editor
WPF Pivot Grid & TreeList - Conditional Formatting (Coming soon in v15.1)
WinForms TreeList: Bands and Conditional Formatting (Now available in v14.2)
WinForms Grid and TreeList: Using Advanced UI Controls within Data Cells
WinForms Tree List Data Filtering Enhancements (coming soon in v2011 vol 2)
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