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10 December 2007

Getting rid of detail forms from your projects!

As you know, we have a great WinForms control for representing tabular data called the XtraGrid. It neatly solves various tasks for displaying, editing, and analyzing record-oriented data. Oftentimes though, the issue with displaying tabular data is the tabular layout itself. This format rapidly becomes user-unfriendly when you need to show a large number of columns. Take a look at the following image from the designer:

Even if you manage to get all the columns into the view by setting the ColumnAutoWidth option to false, there is still a comprehension problem with the simultaneous access to all the column at once:

Despite the availability of the AdvancedBandedGrid View, there is still no perfect way to have simultaneous access to all the data for a large record. An end-user can certainly see that data all at the same time but, due to the column headers and cells in a row being displayed across multiple lines, it's not really easy for end-users to find column headers that match specific cells:

Before version 2007.3, simultaneous access to all of the data for a given record could be done by using a Card View or by creating an external detail form for data viewing and editing. Unfortunately these solutions do have their drawbacks: the CardView arranges fields in a single column and doesn't support other layouts; and creating a detail form can be challenging and time-consuming.

With these considerations in mind, we've introduced a new View for the XtraGrid control, LayoutView, which is a straightforward way to display and edit a large number of columns at a time.

There is no longer any need to create external detail forms to edit data since the LayoutView supports numerous field layouts and it's embedded into the XtraGrid control. With the LayoutView, you can easily implement user-friendly interfaces, even if there are dozens of columns in a record:

Records in the LayoutView are represented as cards, but without the limitations of the original CardView. In the image above, for example, the Single Record mode is enabled such that a single card is displayed at a time. In addition to this mode, the LayoutView supports other card layouts: arranging cards in rows, columns, and the fun carousel mode.

Please refer to our online documentation to learn more about the new View: Layout View.

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Ben Hayat

Alan, I was about to post a question to support team about this same issue for ASPxGridView. Is there similar solution for the ASP grid counter part? I'm new to ASP grid, so forgive me, if this feature already exists and I haven't seen it yet!

11 December, 2007
John Jackovin

Do you have any screen shots on how master-detail would look in this scenario (Layout View)?  I think it is awesome, but we deal a lot with varying levels of recursion (multiple values per attribute) and would be interested in seeing some examples from the pros.

11 December, 2007
David Shannon

This is a nice improvement on CardView, and I'm sure I will get a lot of use out of it.

But will there eventually be an Edit Form or Popup Edit Form for XtraGrid as there is for ASPxGridView?

11 December, 2007
Roman Kalachik (DevExpress)

Ben, you should look at:

John, The LayoutView supports a master detail scenario. It can be used as a detail view. See more at:

Help Index > XtraGrid > Concepts > Master-Detail Relationships > Master-Detail Overview

David, at the moment this feature is not supported in the LayoutView. You can create a feature request for it at:

12 December, 2007
John Jackovin

OK, great.  Would you have a screen shot of a card or layout view that itself has a child relationship.  Most of what I have seen in the past were grid views that have a child record.  Wondering how a card or layout would handle this.  Thanks.

12 December, 2007
Roman Kalachik (DevExpress)

John, as I said, LayoutView can only be used as a detail view, but not as a master view in a master-detail relationship.

I also want to know how LayoutView should look like in a master view :).

14 December, 2007
Robert Fuchs

Will we see this in XAF? If yes, when?

20 March, 2008

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