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25 April 2019

The DevExpress WinForms Data Grid control ships with a number of format rules that allow developers and end users to set up cell appearance rules that react to grid data. For instance, you can define a rule to fill cells with a color depending on the cell value in relation to the value range of the bound field.

Static Format Rules

Starting with v19.1, some format rules can be animated. As the image shows, this feature can be very useful when your data changes frequently and the Data Grid is bound to a RealTimeSource. The animation draws attention to the row and the cell where a change happened.

Animated Format Rules

To enable format rule animations when cell values change, enable the property AllowAnimation for a rule. Currently, these format rule types support animation:

Data Update Rule

In addition to the animation support for existing rule types, we also implemented a brand-new Data Update rule. Unlike regular icon-based rules that show cell icons constantly, this rule “flashes” icons or appearance settings only when cell values change. Static cells whose values haven’t changed recently show no appearance changes.

Data Update Rule Animations

It is easy to set up the new Data Update rule in the format rule designer. Select Format only changing values, choose icons for increasing and decreasing values, and specify the icon visibility duration.

Format Rule Designer

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