Basta! Italia next week

10 March 2009

I'm going to be at Basta! Italia next week, in Rome, delivering talks about C# as well as LINQ extensibility. If you're there, say hi and let's discuss DevExpress technology!

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Alex Hoffman

Surely it should be renamed as Pasta! in Italy's honor?

10 March, 2009
Oliver Sturm (DevExpress)

That's a very good point. I'll mention that to the organizers! :-)

11 March, 2009
Piero Marinari

In italian language BASTA! means Stop!, I had enough! I don't want more of ... (.net, visual studio & more).

It is not a really appropriate title for a conference.

11 March, 2009
Claudio Piffer

eh eh eh...

i Agree ;-)


11 March, 2009
Oliver Sturm (DevExpress)

Argh, the server killed my previous reply to Piero. I was saying, roughly, that the organizers are most certainly aware of the Italian meaning and that they apparently decided it wasn't much of a problem... but I see where you're coming from :-)

11 March, 2009

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