TechEd 2009, the first two days

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12 May 2009

TechEd 2009 has been great so far. It is my job to do WPF presentations as part of the giveaway game we are doing, and I got a lot of good feedback on them. Our suite is on a good level overall, with the controls you need to set up a business application, from basic navigation, docking and similar "pluming" on to data analysis controls in the shape of the DXGrid and the DXCharts.

The audience appears to be mixed: of course there's still, as ever, the general distinction between web and client side devs, but there's also a distinction now between those people who are dabbling in Microsofts new UI technologies Silverlight and WPF, and those who are not. Interest in these platforms is generally good though, so I had quite a lot to do with my WPF demonstrations. The controls are very stable by now, and they are all going to be part of our 9.2 release, roughly scheduled for early July at this time.

Today I also did my BOF session on parallelization and functional programming, which went great - thanks to everybody who was there! I recorded a TechEd Online video together with Gary, which they claim will be online tomorrow. Stay tuned for a link!

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