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01 August 2019

To all our WPF users – thanks for the great feedback this month. The following is a short summary of support tickets we answered in July. As always, we are here to help. Should you have any questions or issues with our WPF products, feel free to post your comments below or submit a support ticket via the DevExpress support center.

Performance Related Support Tickets

  • How to dynamically populate columns within our WPF Data Grid (and increase overall performance).
    Ticket ID: T801190
  • How to improve initial loading speed.
    Ticket ID: T802121
  • How to work around WPF performance issues with items of different height.
    Ticket ID: T801341

WPF Data Grid and WPF Tree List

  • How to bind cell colors to data within a grid when using dynamically generated columns.
    Ticket ID: T801118
  • How to copy cell values from one column to another by dragging column headers.
    Ticket ID: T801625
  • How to only display node images for root nodes within the WPF Tree List.
    Ticket ID: T801857

WPF Charting

  • How to create a line annotation at the end of the Line Series with our WPF Chart control (anchor annotations to the end of Line Series segments).
    Ticket ID: T745025
  • Charting large amounts of data with our WPF Chart control: How to implement a sliding window using MVVM
    Ticket ID: T753643

WPF Reporting

  • How to migrate a WPF application to .NET Core 3 and integrate DevExpress Reports within it.
    Ticket ID: T756863
  • How to open a report created in a WPF application (.NET Framework) and save it as a PDF file in a .NET Core application.
    Ticket ID: T758061

Other Controls

  • How to populate the Ribbon control (MVVM) and merge all Home pages into one.
    Ticket ID: T801345
  • How to display a loading indicator over a specific region of your app and keep the rest of the app responsive to user actions.
    Ticket ID: T802181
  • How to get all panels from our WPF Dock Manager (DockLayoutManager).
    Ticket ID: T300923
  • How to prevent leaf node selection in a hierarchical WPF Lookup control (LookUpEdit).
    Ticket ID: T802749

If you have a support ticket you’d like to share with the DevExpress developer community, please share the link below. Thanks for choosing DevExpress for your WPF development needs.

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