WPF Diagram Enhancement - A New Text Tool (v20.1)

WPF Team Blog
21 May 2020

The v20.1 release brings an addition to the set of tools available in our Visio-inspired Diagram control. The new Text tool allows you to add a text label or an annotation to your diagram in just two clicks.

You can also use the Text tool to edit the text content of an existing shape or container.

You can select the Text tool in the DiagramControl’s ribbon. The Font ribbon section allows you to change the text settings – select the font, size, color, style, and so on. A text label with empty text is automatically deleted to avoid clutter.

To showcase the Text tool in action, we have published a brief YouTube video.

If you are reading this post on a machine that includes our most recent WPF distribution (v20.1x), you can follow this link to start the Diagram control demo.

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