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28 August 2020

As always, we hope you are doing well in this difficult time period. If we can be of service, please contact us at your convenience.

In this month’s edition of our WPF Tips & Tricks post, we decided to create a couple of WPF Grid-related examples – examples that address important usage scenarios. We also summarized a list of interesting support tickets answered throughout the previous month. Should you have any questions about our WPF Grid examples or the support tickets listed herein, feel free to comment below.

WPF Data Grid - Examples

Our WPF Data Grid control ships with a series of properties that help define custom row/cell styles and cell templates. (for more information, please refer to the following help topics: CellStyle, RowStyle, CellTemplate, CellDisplayTemplate, CellEditTemplate). The following samples illustrate how you can build binding paths for elements that rely on these styles and templates:

Note: Tools like Snoop help show the runtime visual tree and objects within DataContext (and can help build binding paths).

To review best practices related to synchronous and asynchronous CRUD operations (in a data bound WPF Grid control), please refer to projects listed in this example:


WPF Data Grid

WPF Editors

WPF Bars

WPF Scheduler

WPF Charting and Maps

Other Controls

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Luiz A D R Marques
Luiz A D R Marques
I really like these posts. Frequently I find things that I didn't even know were possible with the controls.
28 August 2020
Jenny Den
Keep sharing informative posts like this one.
3 September 2020
Andrew Tinkler
Andrew Tinkler
Really very helpful, thanks!
4 September 2020
Andrey Marten (DevExpress Support)
Andrey Marten (DevExpress Support)

I'm happy to hear that our posts are of value to you. Thank you for your feedback, guys.

8 September 2020

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