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20 July 2021

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WPF-Related Tips

Interesting WPF-Related Support Tickets

WPF Data Grid

  • Define ToolTip for TreeListView node images (T994154)
  • Allow editing of the HyperlinkEdit column in GridControl (T1009670)
  • Prevent the creation of certain columns when AutoGenerateColumns is enabled (T998481)
  • TreeViewControl - How to manually set focus on the Filter Node (T999090)

WPF Editors

Charts & Map control

  • Crosshair Cursor - How to hide items with zero values (T1007946)
  • How to hide the SidePoint label using a binding expression (T1011714)
  • How to change the custom element template font size depending on the map zoom level (T992742)
  • How to generate MapCustomElements with ListSourceDataAdapter (T991982)


  • How to display the Properties Panel when DiagramControl is used instead of DiagramDesignerControl (T1011018)
  • Reorder default BarButtonItems from the tabbed DocumentPanel Context Menu (T997150)
  • Define TileNavPane’s dropdown Height (T996936)

    To specify dropdown height, declare the TileNavPaneBar implicit style:

    <Style TargetType="dxnavi:TileNavPaneBar" 
        <Setter Property="Height" Value="70" />
  • ThemedMessageBox – Highlight the Default and Cancel buttons (T998835)
  • Assign Tooltips for Property Grid Control category buttons (T1006676)
  • RadialContextMenu - How to return to the collapsed view after a BarButtonItem is clicked (T1006593)
  • Scheduler - How to change the appointment subject’s alignment (T1008842)

WPF Documentation and Examples

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