WPF Tips & Tricks (November 2022)

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08 November 2022
This post includes interesting support tickets answered throughout the last few months and updates to help topics/code examples.
As always, should you have any questions about DevExpress WPF Controls, feel free to submit a support ticket via the DevExpress Support Center. We’ll be happy to follow up.

Interesting Support Tickets

WPF Data Grid

WPF Data Editors

  • TextEdit - Specify the Symbol Shown when the Value is Zero (T1068346)
  • Hide a Badge Based on Parent Control Properties (T1110254)
  • Display an Image in the PasswordBoxEdit (T1108671)
  • ComboBoxEdit - Enable Text Trimming in Tokens (T1109912)
    Use the TokenTextTrimming and TokenMaxWidth properties to enable trimming and specify maximum token width.

WPF Bars and Ribbon

  • Ribbon - Change the Application Button’s Default Caption (T1115090)
    Specify the ApplicationButtonText property.

  • BarEditItem - Define a Shortcut Key for the Editor (T1119177)
  • BarEditItem - Retain Focus once the Mouse is no Longer in a BarEditItem Region (T1115386)
  • Bars - Programmatically Invoke a BarItem’s ToolTip in Touch Mode (T1098887)

WPF Scheduler

  • Change Selected Dates in Code (T1117470)
  • Paint Resources in the ResourceTreeControl using Colors from the SchedulerControl (T1109951)


  • Define a WpfSvgPalette in a View Model (T1107764)
  • Apply a Different Theme to a Specific Element (T1112205)
  • Hide Root Nodes Without Children in the TreeViewControl (T1113732)
  • Display a ToolTip for the Category Tab Glyph in the PropertyGridControl (T1113950)

Updated WPF Examples

The following is a list of recently updated GitHub examples:

Data Grid

Data Editors



Documentation Updates

We updated and restructured WPF Dock Layout Manager help topics (to better explain its object structure, and help users locate useful examples).
A new root page for the WPF Map Control allows you to explore its features without diving deep into individual help topics.
As always, we appreciate your feedback and ongoing support. If you encounter any difficulties when browsing help topics or if you have specific suggestions, feel free to share your thoughts via our help systems online feedback form.

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