XAF online tutorials are available

We have recorded an initial set of five XAF online tutorials, which will hopefully allow you to get started with XAF even faster! Please have a look at this page: http://www.devexpress.com/Products/NET/Libraries/eXpressApp/QuickStart.xml

Please feel free to let us know what you think!

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Kerry F

Watched the first 2 videos.   Maybe a dumb question but here goes anyway:  Is the voice on the audio real or a synthesized voice?  Reason I ask is there are NO pauses what so ever at the end of each sentence.  The video was recorded as if the person had a gun to their head and had to finish in under 6 minutes.  Very hard to follow!  2nd video was better but still could be better if slowed down and explained WHY doing something not just "herewegoIhaveaddedacontactclass".

Just my 2 cents.

11 January, 2008
Thorsten Engler

There is a voice? At least on my system I don't hear any... All there is is the subtitles, and at the speed the video is running it's impossible to follow, I gave up after 2 minutes of the first video

11 January, 2008

Thor, I confirm there is voice (check your settings) and I concur with Kerry that "itisveryfastwithoutanypause."

It will be especially hard on non native english speakers.

The subtitles help but sometimes overlap with the presentation.

All is not bad, they are interesting videos and will prove very informative to newcomers to XAF.  One will need to make extensive use of those buttons called "pause" & "back" to adjust speed : )


11 January, 2008
Ben Hayat

There is something seriously wrong with these recordings!

11 January, 2008
John Pattison

I agree that the tone could use some inflection, and maybe   s-l-o-w   d-o-w-n   a bit.

Additionally, something was technically wrong for me, in that the voice kept glitching and was actually running faster than the video.  It was very tough to follow.

Other than that, it was great!  Thanks for putting these onine.  I look forward to to seeing more!

11 January, 2008
Oliver Sturm (DevExpress)

Hi guys

Voice - yes, should definitely be there. Mine, actually. We used the sub titles (which you can close if you want to) to make the video more accessible.

Voice fast and without pauses - something we discussed internally as well, especially for the first video. It had to do with the way the audio was mixed, of course. not with the actual voice. We didn't expect it would be such a big issue, but apparently we'll have to reconsider.

Technical issues - we'll have to look into that, but I'm afraid we have tested the videos extensively on a number of machines and I don't recall a single instance where we didn't hear the audio or it was garbled in some way. We'll try to find out what the problem is.

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

12 January, 2008
Mario Howard

Impossible to follow, much to fast. I also hear lots of squeaks and other funny and very distracting noises in the background.

Will there be a possibility to download these tutorials (once they become usable)? There are still countries with providers that make you pay for downloads.

12 January, 2008
william newsom

did you folks even bother to play back the videos?????

There is audio noises , it is WAAAY to fast i cant even really follow along.  Im am used to developer express high standard and awesome quality. WHAT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!

12 January, 2008
Oliver Sturm (DevExpress)


If you read back to my comment above, you will see that of course we played back the videos - personally, several hundred times, it seems.

Whether things are too fast or not is obviously a very subjective thing - we have apparently misjudged things for at least some of our customers and we're going to try to find a solution.

Finally, and I repeat myself again here, while a number of customer comments have mentioned audio issues, we haven't noticed anything in that regard, in all our extensive tests on many different machines. It would be useful to get a more detailed description of the sort of issues we're talking about here, perhaps including a point on the timeline of one of the webcasts, so we can try to find out what the issue is here.

All the steps we will be taking won't happen overnight, or over the weekend in this case. To be quite honest, which I'm going to be given the rather informal nature of blog comments, comments like yours make me consider pulling the content while we try to work out the issues - do you think that would be a good idea?

Thanks for providing feedback, in any case.

12 January, 2008
Renaud Bompuis

I have to concur with at least some of the comments here: without at least some pause between sentences it becomes very hard to follow what's being done on screen as you don't have any time to take in the action and let the ideas 'click'.

You have to admit that no-one naturally talks like that (without time to breathe!). Pauses between sentence are natural placeholders for listeners to take in what was said.

If you remove them, it makes it hard for the brain to catch-up.

Don't pull out the content, it's still useful and it must have been a lot of work, for which everyone I'm sure is appreciative of the efforts you put in.

Regarding the audio issues, they seem to play fine here with no squeaks or other distracting noises.

Thank you Oliver for your efforts.

Don't consider these criticisms undue whining. I'm sure most of us wouldn't report the issue if there was none.

In all honesty I couldn't follow the first tutorial to the end and it's the first time this ever happened, ever.

I suspect most people will not even bother to report the issue and will just give up, so the blog may be informal and not representative of 'all' customers, but I think it gives a hint that there is a genuine concern to be addressed.

12 January, 2008
Gary Gibbons

I listened to only one of the screen casts, and as an American English speaker I had no problem following any of the discussion.

This information was clear enough, and I could pause the flow while following in my own app.

More importantly though, Dev Express is giving us an idea of how they conceive the use of their product, by following up written documentation with something a bit more visual.

I am very comfortable with this demonstration and really hope to see much more of the same!

I was hoping for something like this - Thanks Oliver!

13 January, 2008
Mario Howard

I don't think that they should be taken down. The tutorials are very useful and I appreciate your efforts very much. Please continue producing them.

I must confirm that at my location in the Ukraine I have really bad sound problems (lots of squeaks and other funny and very distracting noises). I am not aware of any problems with my ADSL connection.

I watched all tutorials twice and I noticed some additional problems on the second viewing.

Subtitles and speech are sometimes badly out of sync. This is not so bad since I don't really need the subtitles.

Sometimes the speech is getting way ahead of the visual demo and that is really annoying since the tutorials are so fast paced.

Here in the Ukraine I have to pay for every MB downloaded. I would therefore really like to be able to download the tutorials and use stop, rewind an continue to adjust to the pace.

I suspect that this might also cure some of the sound and sync problems I am currently experiencing with the on-line tutorials.

13 January, 2008
Tarik Souirji


I am not a native english speaker and yes I can could follow easily......  except when I played the first video..... I was laughing to tears..  man... Oliver the audio mix made you sound like you really needed to get over with the recording and take a l*ak (run to the bathroom) !!

Useful tutorials otherwise!


13 January, 2008
Aagje Bertels


I watched all of them and did not have any audio problems on my system.

I did have to press the Pause button "a few" times to let the information sink in :-).

I find these tutorials very usefull.


14 January, 2008
David Partridge

Thanks for posting these.  Very helpful.

15 January, 2008
Oliver Sturm (DevExpress)


The first tutorial has been re-recorded and should be updated online by now. It's now quite a bit longer, but I hope the audio is more comprehensible in turn :-)

We haven't been able to find a reason for the technical issues some of you were reporting. It would be very helpful to have some pointers if anybody can reproduce any of those issues. For instance, do the audio problems happen only the first time you play the video (i.e. while it's still downloading at the same time)? Is there a particular position in any of the videos that you could point at, where some audio issue happens?



15 January, 2008

I watched the first video, and it was well done!  I've been sitting on the fence about XAF, hopefully these demos will make some things clearer to me.  Is the newest version available for trial download?

15 January, 2008

These are excellent, Oliver. XAF will be used by us for all future projects.

Video Request:

How To: Migrate from an existing MSSQL database tables/ADO model To an XAF Object model.

16 January, 2008
John F. Emerson

I am having the same garbled audio that other are having. I just got through watching the first two videos.

I noticed about halfway through the first video that the speech was about 45 seconds ahead of what was being displayed on screen.  It didn't start that way.

I hate to say this since everyone else is piling on, but I really had a tough time following the speech (even the not so garbled parts). I'm a native english speaker but I have a hard time understanding long speeches by folks with foreign (to me) accents.

When the garbled audio became to much to tolerate I turned down the volume and tried just reading the subtitles.  Those move a bit too fast for me to consume properly and left me with very little time to see what was happening on the screen.

I don't mean to sound critical or negative, I am just relaying my experience and opinion.

For what its worth I thought the content was fine.  (Unfortunately, I just can't take take anymore of the audio right now so I think I'll pass on the other videos for a while.)

17 January, 2008
John F. Emerson

Post script -

Just thought I'd mentioned that I reviewed the video using a 32-bit version of Firefox.  My OS is 64-bit Vista.  I tried to see if the audio behaved differently in 64-bit IE but, since the product you are using requires Flash, I'm unable to test that (no Flash for 64-bit browsers).

The audio sounded as if it were "fast-forwarding" for a few milliseconds. This started occuring about 60 seconds into the video and progressively got worse.  About 4-5 minutes into the first video the audio is way ahead of the visual (mayve as much 30 seconds or so).

Hope this helps in your debugging.

17 January, 2008
Oliver Sturm (DevExpress)


We've now found the reason for the audio problems some of you are seeing: Adobe broke something in their Flash player version (yes, it's the minor version - I have in my system and it works just fine). TechSmith, creators of the screen recording software we use, have several ideas for workarounds we can use, and we'll try those and see what our best option is. I'm sure we can finally make things work for everybody now we've found what the issue is. Thanks for all the reports!

17 January, 2008

Very informative videos. My compliments.

Has a non native english speaker, thanks for the subtiles, is very necessary for me.

I have to pause the video in some occasion but for me is accettable ...

(p.s. the video rollback to the beginning if i pause it before its load completly, but i think this is a TechSmith issue)

17 January, 2008
John F. Emerson

Right on! It all looks and sounds good to me now.  Now that I can get through them I find they are very informative.

Well done.

18 January, 2008
Ben Hayat

Oliver, the videos are working great now. Thanks for following up on this issue. It would have been ashamed not to be able to take advantage of all the great work you guys have done.

Well done! Thank again!

19 January, 2008
Tim Mostad

Oliver, you have a fascinating accent. English/German?

BTW excellent videos. More, please!

24 January, 2008
richard morris

The presentation was great and covered complex topics well.  Looking forward to more.

BTW: I've met Oliver, he's not a synthesiser ;)

He's probably just trying very hard to enunciate clearly and maybe a bit nervous and as a result some tonal colour from his natural delivery may be lacking.

I suspect the reason some have to replay bits (I had to as well) is more because the topic is complex.  It also happens when Mark does voice over on videos, although now that I think of it he does have that funky non-australian english accent so maybe that is to blame ;)

24 January, 2008
Syed Abu Fahad

So far i found all the tutorials disappointed. They can increase your confusion but can't let you do some thing positive. DX took a lot of time to release this product but unexpectedly, they didn't provide any better tutorial to grasp the concepts in a better way. Any ways a wastage of time to watch them. I watched each one with a hope "This might be a better one". Don't look in to them!

4 February, 2008
Steve Arnott

I thought these videos were well done, and very informative.  I encountered no technical glitches, so perhaps the problems others reported have been solved.

When working with a product as large as XAF, video instructions are especially useful, because those who really know the product will show you how to do things that are not intuitive, and may be buried deep in the documentation.

I look forward to more of these.  Keep up the good work, guys and gals!

9 March, 2008

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