Developer Express at Basta in Germany

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03 March 2008

I was at Basta conference in Germany last week. In between everything else I had to do at that conference, I found time to show Developer Express products to a lot of people. I did a lot of demos of XAF, as well as our other products like CodeRush and Refactor! and our .NET components. This was the biggest Basta Spring conference ever, and the exhibition area was very well attended.

The feedback was great! Especially, people really liked the final version of XAF, with the Visual Studio integration taken to new levels. If you haven't seen it yourself yet, I suggest you go to the XAF area on our website and have a good look.

I'd like to thank everybody I met there for their feedback and for being interested in our technology. And I want to apologize to those who saw me fight the huge green monster machine I had to borrow from my friend John, when my own laptop suddenly died - some usability aspects of that thing (especially its keyboard, which had a loose y-key) were hard to get used to.

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