Back from my Ireland tour

Okay okay, I've been back for a few days. But I've had a great time, and so I want to take the opportunity to thank everybody over there for having me, organizing all the details, and of course for coming to my sessions! Thanks a lot to Mick Lohan, Joe Gill, Clare Dillon and Barry Alistair, and everybody else I happen to forget.

I was in Galway first, where I did a WPF session at GMIT. Not a huge crowd there, but that was good, since the session turned into a workshop type event, and so people could really take away some interesting information relevant to their own situation. In the evening of the same day, I talked about functional programming in C# at the user group in Galway, which was very well received. I also showed some of our Developer Express products, even at direct request from some members of the audience (XPO - great choice!), and I gave away a license of CodeRush and Refactor!.

I travelled on to Cork next and did another WPF session there. Attendee numbers kept creeping upwards, so we were almost in trouble due to the size of the meeting room at the hotel. Again, lots of good questions, some DX product demos towards the end, freebie giveaway and of course pints afterwards (Have I mentioned pints yet? They do love them over there, especially after a hard day's work. Or during a hard day's work. You know. ;-)).

Finally it was Dublin for me and the IMTC conference. I did two sessions there and had time for a lot of interesting conversations with delegates and other speakers. A great event - if you've missed it, make sure you're there next year!

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BTW: You can view Oliver's Lectures here:

10 April, 2008

Sorry about the recent post, you can only view the "description" of Oliver's sessions :-(

It would be *really* valuable to add a screencast of these sessions to the "Screen Casts and Online Tutorials" section of the DevEx website. (The material there is getting pretty stale)

10 April, 2008
Oliver Sturm (DevExpress)

Afaik, all the IMTC sessions were recorded and will be made available at least to attendees of the event - otherwise I don't know about their plans. Anyway, adding that content to the DX site seems a little out of focus... I spoke about LINQ and functional programming in C# at IMTC, none of which is a DX specific topic...

10 April, 2008

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