VBUG Conference in Birmingham last week

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27 April 2008

VBUG, a large .NET user group in the UK, did their spring conference 2008 last week in Birmingham. Smaller than the "main" yearly conference in fall, it was still a great event that saw slightly over 50 delegates in the five technical sessions during the day. Mark Quirk of the DPE group at Microsoft UK showed what's new in VS 2008, Dave McMahon talked about MOSS (he did in fact talk about moss, but that's not what I meant when I previously said he talked about MOSS), I did my "Business Apps with WPF" double talk and Richard Costall and Richard Costall (not a typo) presented their Silverlight Showcase.

Gary was there as well, but only for the women.

Okay, I admit that's not true - he jumped in on short notice to do his Workflow 101 talk (warning: don't try to understand his bio on that page!) in place of the original workflow speaker. Thanks, Gary!

Finally we managed to get rid of a license of DXperience Universal as the top price of the raffle. Thanks to everybody I spoke to on the day!

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VBUG Conference in Birmingham last week | Inc News

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27 April 2008

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