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19 May 2008

On June 2nd, TechEd in Orlando gets started. Several of us (let's see - Julian, Mark, Ray, Mehul, Gary, Azret, Jeff, me... I'm probably forgetting somebody) are going to be there at the Developer Express booth, and of course we're hoping to talk to many of you, show you new things we've been working on and get your feedback. It's also exciting times for XAF: it has been selected as Best of Tech·Ed 2008 Developers Awards FINALIST in the Database Development category.

Over the next few days, leading up to TechEd, I'm going to post a series of interesting things in/about XAF. Some of them are more technically challenging than others, but all of them fall into the "I'm sure not everybody's fully aware of this" category. And no, the above announcement about our nomination is not number 1 :-) Here's the list of topics I'm going to cover - come back to this list over the days and I'll link all the posts here as I create them.

  1. Best practices for domain objects
  2. Customizing the default applications
  3. Validation and what (else) you can do with it
  4. General purpose standard modules
  5. Go do it! - Action types and options
  6. XAF extensibility points
  7. Take advantage of the UI abstraction
  8. Add your own UI parts
  9. Styling ASP.NET applications - delayed
  10. Advanced data layer features

So - look out for those articles, and let me know what you think!

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